VIP Protection and Security Detail Training

Security Assessment and Personal Security in Conflict Zones

We provide expert assessment of your existing security detail, as well as organize and provide on-site security for VIPs and Government Officials in High Risk Environments and War Zones.

Security Detail Assessment

Our highly skilled and experienced professionals analyze and evaluate security procedures to identify weaknesses, provide comprehensive recommendations to enhance the safety and protection of our clients and their assets.

Security Detail Oversight

NCTS experts can temporarily assume command of our clients’ security detail. This is particularly relevant when traveling to high-risk environments, where battlefield experience can make a significant difference.

Security Detail Training

We offer a comprehensive training program that includes shooting training with a focus on concealed carry techniques. Additionally, our VIP tactics training encompasses a wide range of skills, such as shooting from vehicles, shooting at vehicles (with safety considerations), vehicle formations, foot formations, preparation and assessment of meeting locations, and advanced techniques for engaging threats in VIP scenarios. Our training is designed to enhance the capabilities and readiness of individuals operating in high-risk environments, ensuring their ability to handle critical situations effectively.

Conflict Zone Security

Our service offering for Conflict Zone Security encompasses preparation and strategic planning for journeys into hazardous areas. We provide comprehensive supervision and management of personal VIP protection, ensuring the safety and security of our clients in high-risk environments. Our team possesses extensive expertise in handling the unique challenges posed by conflict zones, delivering effective security measures and mitigating potential threats to guarantee the well-being of our clients.

PMC Training

We pride ourselves on working with the most exceptional personnel from top-notch special units, each with extensive experience in conflict zones. Our service offering is specifically designed to provide comprehensive training for private military contractors. We offer a wide range of specialized courses, including advanced tactical training, operational planning and execution, risk assessment and management, weapons proficiency, and close-quarters combat techniques. With our real-world experience, we ensure that our training programs equip PMCs with the necessary skills, knowledge, and situational awareness required to excel in challenging and hostile environments, enabling them to execute missions with precision, professionalism, and utmost effectiveness.