Physical Penetration Testing

We assess the physical security of corporate, private and government premises.

Gain a comprehensive assessment of streghths and weaknesses of physical security controls in government and official buildings, corporate offices, bank branches, critical infrastructure, and more.

Physical penetration testing - what is it?

During a physical penetration test, all physical security controls, such as locks, fences, security guards, cameras, and other security measures, are evaluated.

The objective of this test is to challenge these controls by attempting to overcome them in order to gain physical entry into restricted areas, identify sensitive data, identify sensitive documents, and potentially achieve network access.

Why is physical pentesting relevant?

By conducting a physical penetration test, you can evaluate the exposure of your organization to a potential attacker physically infiltrating your premises. This test covers simulating various physical threats, such as bypassing door locks, obtaining devices, or utilizing social engineering techniques to deceive employees into granting access to IT infrastructure rooms.

While most organizations and government facilities prioritize protecting their network and applications against virtual cyber-attacks, the potential risks linked to physical assaults on their facilities are often overlooked.

NCTS Physical Penetration Test Offering

While other Pentesting companies prioritize a blend of social engineering skills and hacking, North Coast Tactical Solutions distinguishes itself with a primary focus on physical security, surveillance equipment, and the identification and mitigation of blind spots.

Our offering includes:

  1. Identifying Surveillance Blind Spots
  2. Bypassing Physical Barriers and Doors
  3. Assess On-Site Security Personnel
  4. Gaining Access to Sensitive Information

After conducting a penetration test, we will deliver a comprehensive report that includes images documenting the scope of the assessment and its detailed outcomes. We will identify blind spots and vulnerabilities in physical barriers, enabling you to gain a better understanding of the risks you are exposed to and take appropriate action.