Explosive Method of Entry / Method of Entry Training

Ex-GROM Master Breacher's EMOE / MOE training. (GOV and LE Only)

Ex-GROM’s Master Breacher Non-Explosive and Explosive Methods of Entry training for Special Operations Forces, Special Forces and Police SWAT Teams.

Master Breacher

Our founder served as GROM’s Unit Master Breacher and Bravo Squadron Team Breacher for almost a decade. He has also acquired conflict zone experience from Afghanistan and Iraq, in addition to serving as a private contractor in Ukraine.

MOE - Non-explosive Methods of Entry

Non-exlposive methods of entry include:

  • Mechanic
  • Hydraulic
  • Thermal
  • Shotguns

EMOE - Explosive Methods Of Entry

The Explosive Method of Entry (EMOE), also known as explosive breaching, is a tactical technique used to forcibly gain entry into secured structures or barriers by utilizing controlled explosions. It involves the precise placement and detonation of specially designed explosive charges, strategically applied to targeted points such as doors, walls, or windows, to create an opening and overcome obstacles swiftly and efficiently. EMOE is commonly employed by military and law enforcement units during high-risk operations or emergency situations where rapid access is required.