Combat Shooting

Daytime and Nighttime (NVG) Shooting Training

Combat shooting training for both daytime and nightime (NVG) designed specifically for SOF/MILITARY operators and Police SWAT Team members.

Firearms Manipulation (Pistol/Rifle)

NCTS’ pistol and rifle training draws upon almost a decade of real-world combat experience as GROM SOF operator in diverse high-risk environments and war zones.

Our shooting courses are carefully customized to meet the unique needs of various units, agencies, or individual clients. We ensure that their specific requirements and weapon preferences are meticulously considered and accommodated.

Training Offering

  • Operators’ skillset assessment and customizing training based on individual skills
  • Basic Shooting Training (PISTOL/RIFLE)
  • Dynamic Shooting Training (PISTOL/RIFLE)
  • Advanced DAYTIME Shooting Training (PISTOL/RIFLE)
  • Advanced NIGHTTIME Shooting Training (PISTOL/RIFLE, NVG, weapon lights)

Topics Covered

  • Proper weapon handling
  • Weapon systems zeroing
  • Weapon optics
  • Point of Aim & Point of impact
  • Sight alignment
  • Laser Adjustment
  • NVG shooting using Laser (ATPIAL AN/PEQ-15) and Red Dot Sights
  • Front sight focus
  • Trigger prep and control
  • Weapon realoading
  • Post-shoot trigger reset
  • Target Transitioning (Stationary and during movement)
  • Drawing weapon from Holster
  • Drawing concealed weapons
  • Adjusting to environmental conditions